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List of services offered
1. Inspection report on the building's condition with recommendations

At the beginning of our mandate, we conduct a preliminary inspection of the building to determine what repairs are necessary or urgent to undertake. A detailed report is then sent to the owner and if agreed on, a work schedule is then implemented.
2. Administration with complete and detailed monthly reports issued to the owner

A computerized report is issued to the owner every month with a copy of the bank statement. (You can find examples of these reports under the tab "Your financial reports").
3. Collection of rent

The collection of rent is made on the first day of each month. Telephone and/or mail follow-ups are made to collect late payments (if applicable). Ref.: Item # 9 (Régie du logement).
4. Maintenance of the building and prevention

A regular visit of the building is needed to ensure its good condition. If necessary, we will proceed with the required repairs as soon as possible.
5. Minor and major repairs (according to the agreement signed with the owner)

We manage all repairs to the building with our computerized purchase order system. For major repairs, we require bids from three (3) different contractors before submitting the case to the owner for final approval. Please note that a clause in the management contract provides for authorization by the owner for all costs exceeding a specified amount.
6. Negotiation and renewal of leases

We see to all the necessary steps related to the negotiation and renewal of leases within the parameters prescribed by law: preparation and delivery of notices to tenants, follow-up on due dates, process accepted notices, follow-up on non - renewals, agreements and negotiations.
7. Renovation of vacant apartments

We inspect the premises to determine if repairs are required. We then monitor the work to be able rent the apartment as soon as possible.
8. Rental of vacant apartments

Advertisement in newspapers and the posting of a sign on the building are required to rent vacant apartments. Rental pamphlets distributed in the surrounding area may also be used as means of advertising. Our janitors and rental agents provide visits of the apartments for rent. Interested tenants must complete an application, and pass a credit and references check before obtaining signature of a lease and the keys to their dwelling.

9. Assistance with the Rental Board

We are able to assist our clients for the "Régie du Logement" in case of litigation likely to occur in the lease and act for the owner, if proceedings must be brought.

In any legal dispute, clients may be represented by the lawyer of their choice, in which case we will be able to provide them with the assistance they need.

10. Janitorial service available if necessary

We offer regular maintenance or emergency janitorial services. Our staff is always available to ensure the maintenance and cleanliness of your building.
11. Sub-contracting of snow removal and other

This includes all stages of the bidding, as well as continued monitoring of the work throughout the sub-contractor's mandate.

12. Emergency Services 24/7

Our emergency service allows the tenants to contact us out of our regular office hours via our telephone service. For any emergency, a complete team of contractors is available to perform repairs.
At your service in the greater Montréal area
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